At BASF, we offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solubilization polymers, and have an unparalleled understanding of the corresponding process technologies. This unique combination means that we can make sure you achieve effective solubilization across a range of dosage forms.

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Solid dispersions

BASF brings an unparalleled understanding and expertise in the application of solid dispersions for solubility enhancement.

Our portfolio and expertise bring advantageous support to your solid dispersion formulations, via key technologies like hot melt extrusion, spray drying, and fluid bed coating.

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 Product Families

Search our diverse portfolio of solid dispersion matrices, crystallization inhibitors, and more.

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Solutions, Gels, and Emulsions

BASF offers highly specialized experience in formulating poorly soluble actives as solutions, gels, emulsions, and suspensions.

Our comprehensive portfolio of functional excipients for solution, lipid, and emulsion formulations can be used in your liquid dosages to achieve solubility and bioavailability enhancement.

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 Product Families

Search our diverse portfolio of Solubilizers, Emulsifiers, Surfactants, Solvents, and Crystallization Inhibitors.

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Explore ZoomLab™ For Formulation Solutions

Our modules are specifically designed to help you formulate poorly soluble drugs. Try ZoomLab to optimize and predict your next formulation online, instantly.

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Thinking About Sustainable Sourcing

Take advantage of BASF products certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and align your company and products with the strong sustainability values evolving in the marketplace.

BASF offers RSPO-certified solubilizers and surfactants like our polysorbates, sodium lauryl sulfate, and medium chain triglycerides.

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Connect with our experts

Selecting the right solubilization product and technology for a poorly soluble API often involves a lot of trial and error. By partnering with our experts, you can tap into their extensive solubilization expertise and experience with all key technologies. 

Our experts have combined decades of experience in formulating challenging APIs, which puts them in an excellent position to help customers tackle their solubilization and bioavailability challenges rapidly and efficiently.

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