Solutions For Topical Polymeric Films And Transdermal Patches

Topical polymeric films and transdermal patches are innovative dosage forms utilizing unique technologies to achieve dermal drug delivery.

While topical polymeric films form intact, transparent drug delivery systems on the skin surface, transdermal patches utilize adhesive matrix technology to deliver active pharmaceutical ingredients through the skin.

Due to their benefits such as physical barrier formation, ease of application, and reduced dosing frequency, topical polymeric films and transdermal patches are often associated with improved patient compliance.

Develop a broad range of topical polymeric films and transdermal patches with our diverse selection of film formers, matrix formers, plasticizers, and solvents.

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Mild emollients aiding in the dermal penetration of active ingredients


Hydrophilic and lipophilic solubilizing agents suitable for various APIs


Essential emulsifiers and solubilizers for single and multi-phase systems


Reliable viscosity modifying agents enhancing formulation stability


Tunable matrix builders for anhydrous formulations


Established film formers and matrix formers creating protective barriers on the skin


Versatile film formers and matrix formers for topical and transdermal applications

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Topical Polymeric Films

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Transdermal Patches

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