BASF is your supplier for more sustainable Omega-3s


We source responsibly.

With an established and comprehensive fish oil sourcing policy, we minimize our impact on the oceans.

We require the fisheries we source from to have a 3rd-party certification of sustainable practices. Our suppliers are also required to provide traceability of their fish oil to the vessel, fish species, and catch area, period, and method.

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We produce efficiently and safely for the environment.

We have two sustainability-focused omega-3 production sites: Sandefjord, Norway and Callanish, Scotland.

Innovative OpEx projects at our sites deliver major improvements in efficiency. We are maximizing resource efficiency and minimizing energy use and waste.

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We drive sustainable solutions for our customers.

BASF is an experienced and committed partner. We have ambitious CO2 reduction goals and an award-winning digital tool for product carbon footprint calculations.

We actively take part along the value chain to drive sustainability topics & solutions.

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