Kollidon® povidones, copovidones, and crospovidones are versatile materials that are most commonly used for solid oral dosage forms.

Processed via melt granulation, spray drying, and HME, these materials are suitable for a variety of formulations. Whether the target formulation is a tablet or transdermal patch, the Kollidon® family of multifunctional excipients is ready to resolve any formulation challenge. Kollidon® excipients come in various grades, giving you the flexibility to tailor your formulation based on your individual needs.


  • Diverse range of low to high molecular weight povidones
  • Includes highly effective water soluble binders resulting in coarse and strong granules
  • Consists of standard and micronized grade super-disintegrants and dissolution enhancers to address solubilization challenges
  • Instant release and sustained release profiles
  • Versatile processing options including direct compression, roller compaction, and wet granulation
  • Suitable for a broad range of applications