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At Pharma Solutions, we combine our skills and resources to make drug manufacturing and drug delivery more efficient, robust, sustainable and cost-effective.

The needs of our customers and their long-term success are our priority when innovating. Developing the most innovative products and services for our customers means to us:

  • Leveraging BASF’s know how in various chemistries, our in-depth understanding of multiple industries, technologies, and applications

  • As fully integrated part of in BASF’s research Verbund using the access to state-of-the art analytical services and methods as well as to experts in e.g. chemistry, biology, toxicology, and process technology

  • Building on a network of external experts from industry and academia

  • Having access to a worldwide scouting network

  • Focusing on strategic collaborations and partnerships with our customers

BASF Has A Long Track Record Of Bringing Innovative Excipients To The Market

Our innovations include:

  • Ingredients for the biopharma industry (Kolliphor®️ P 188 Bio)
  • Novel excipients like Kollicoat®️ Smartseal 100 P for efficient taste masking
  • Soluplus®️, the first polymeric solubilizer and matrix forming polymer
  • The innovative PeroXeal®️ packaging concept that limits peroxide formation in povidones and crospovidones to a minimum
  • Kollicoat®️ IR, our unique high-performance polymer for film coating, wet binding and pore forming

Find out more about our innovative products.

Kolliphor® P 188 Bio
Designed to meet your needs in quality, consistency, and performance, because every cell counts
Kollicoat® IR
The true multitalent for various pharmaceutical applications
Kollicoat® Smartseal 100 P
The best in class polymer for Taste masking and moisture protection applications via aqueous or solvent coating

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