Applicable For Oral And Topical Formulations

L-Menthol provides fresh minty taste and odor with a cooling sensation and enables penetration enhancement in topical formulations. It can be used as an antitussive, nasal decongestant, topical analgesic, and local anesthetic.


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Consistent High Quality

BASF sets itself apart with exceptional quality, insightful regulatory support and retest periods of three years for L-Menthol Flakes and five years for L-Menthol Melt. The company’s patented production method ensures consistent high quality at its world-class cGMP plant, which runs according to the ICH Q7A Guideline. The product features a high chemical and enantiomeric purity (each min. 99.7%).


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Supply Security

For BASF, ensuring a reliable supply chain for customers is a top priority. L-Menthol Pharma is offered in long-term contracts; almost dedicated customer capacity with no captive use; fully backwards integrated production to ensure supply reliability; and supply independent of crop-yield and weather conditions.

Leading In L-Menthol Production

In 2012, BASF built the world’s largest menthol production plant in Ludwigshafen, Germany by the Rhine River. Ludwigshafen is the company's largest production site, global headquarters, and the center of its research activities.

The company’s roots in the aroma industry date back to the early 1980s when it started running its own Citral production plant in Ludwigshafen. In 2000, BASF started construction of a world-scale Lysmeral production plant. In 2004, responding to increasing customer demands for terpenes, BASF created a larger Citral complex downstream (i.e. Citronellol, Linalool and Geraniol) in Ludwigshafen.

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Sustainability Benefits


  • Readily biodegradable according to OECD guidelines

  • Product transparency and BASF know-how, results published at European Chemical Agency

Product carbon footprint

  • Calculation of carbon footprint according to ISO norms and Greenhouse Gas Protocol available upon request

Reduction of CO2 emissions

  • BASF Verbund System allows chemical process to consume less energy, produce higher product yield and conserve resources

Product Fast Track

L-Menthol (Flakes)
Menthol for fresh and minty taste
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