BASF Pharma Solutions produces innovative excipients and active ingredients of outstanding quality and performance. With a global team of industry experts and digital solutions, such as the Virtual Pharma Assistants, BASF supports its customers in developing efficient, cost-effective and reliable formulations.

Equipped with an in-depth understanding of multiple technologies and applications, BASF has the knowledge and resources to make drug delivery and drug and biologics manufacturing safer and more sustainable.



BASF has the knowledge and resources to make drug delivery and drug and biologics manufacturing safer and more sustainable.

We create solutions focused on different platforms: Orals, Topicals, Parenterals, Solubilization and Biopharma Ingredients. We are the world’s leading manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) such as ibuprofen and omega-3 fatty acids.

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At BASF we hire and work with world-leading scientists, product specialists and industry experts who are at the cutting edge of medicines and pharmaceuticals.

This combined knowledge sets us apart from our competitors and ensures that you have all the resources needed to build on your success and lead the way forward. Contact us today to get started.

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Save time and avoid costly missteps with Virtual Pharma Assistants, your interactive guides to browsing ingredients, optimizing drug formulations and navigating quality and regulatory compliance.

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Raw Materials

BASF offers a variety of chemical raw materials including building blocks, reagents, boranes as well as alcoholates, protective-groups, solvents and high-purity iron salts to meet the specific needs of API-production.

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The Catalysts portfolio includes fine-chemical catalysts and a full loop of metals-management services.

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