Best-in-class biopharmaceuticals

Our best-in-class products include processing aids like our flagship product Kolliphor® P 188 Bio.

BASF Pharma Solutions has a long history supplying excipients for human therapeutic drug formulation, including our Kolliphor® P 188 Bio, Kolliphor® HS-15 and Kolliphor® ELP, all of which have a history of safe use in parenteral medicines.

Our goal is to supply the biopharmaceutical manufacturers with stable, transparent commercial supply of our raw materials. We support the set-up of our products in your system, from label pictures and packaging information, to product numbers, lead times, samples and pricing.

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Find the quality and regulatory information you need with a document library, filing assistance and global or country-specific compliance support.

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Solutions for multiple markets

BASF’s Biopharma Ingredients serve a variety of markets, from cell and gene therapy to bioprocessing and formulation of proteins, vaccines, and antibodies.

Product Fast Track

Kolliphor® P188 Cell Culture
Kolliphor® HS 15
Kolliphor® ELP
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