Solid dispersions are particularly attractive for many poorly soluble drug candidates, because they increase dissolution and inhibit recrystallization.  Growing interest and adoption of this technology has brought over a dozen solid dispersion products to the market. 

BASF Pharma Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of functional solutions in combination with extensive processing know-how. With functional polymers designed for all major processing technologies, our team is ready to support your hot-melted and spray-dried formulations. This allows us to help you to find the optimal solution for your drug, combining sufficient solubility & bioavailability with economic & efficient production processes.

Hot melt extrusion

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BASF brings an unparalleled understanding and expertise in hot melt extrusion.

As a pioneer in the field of hot melt extrusion in the field of pharmaceutics, BASF has developed excipients optimized for extrusion ease and performance. Whether you are looking for carrier polymers, plasticizers, or other formulation aids, our portfolio is well suited to your formulation requirements.

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Spray drying and fluid bed coating

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Spray drying and fluid bed coating are flexible methods for producing amorphous solid dispersions.

Often the preferred methods for thermally sensitive drug candidates, spray drying and fluid bed coating require soluble excipients with low viscosity in solution.

The physicochemical properties of our functional excipients bring multi-faceted advantages to both the manufacturing and final formulation.

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Explore our Product Families for Solid Dispersions

Search our diverse portfolio of Povidones, Copovidones, Poloxamers, Matrices, and more.

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Explore ZoomLab™ For Formulation Solutions

Our modules are specifically designed to help you formulate poorly soluble drugs. Try ZoomLab to optimize and predict your next formulation online, instantly.

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Connect with our experts

Selecting the right solubilization product and technology for a poorly soluble API often involves a lot of trial and error. By partnering with our experts, you can tap into their extensive solubilization expertise and experience with all key technologies. Our experts have combined decades of experience in formulating challenging APIs, which puts them in an excellent position to help customers tackle their solubilization and bioavailability challenges rapidly and efficiently.



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