Dosage Form

Explore our solutions for tablets, capsules, granules/pellets, syrups, and other solid or liquid delivery forms.

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Drug Release

Does your formulation require a specific release profile? We provide excipients for a variety of release profiles, including instant, modified, enteric, or taste-masking release.

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Product Families

Search our diverse portfolio of binders, disintegrants, co-processed excipients, coatings, lubricants, and more.

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Our extensive technical expertise makes us the ideal partner to develop innovative formulations

Since 1928, BASF has been an innovator in the pharmaceutical industry as the originator of Povidone (PVP). We remain committed to developing high-functioning excipients that deliver the right performance every time. Our technical service specialists across the globe are equipped to support your projects.

Case Study: PeroXeal

PeroXeal is our proprietary packaging solution to reduce peroxide levels in our Kollidon products.

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Need formulation help? Save time with Zoomlab

Start with an active ingredient, define your target profile, input your preferences and let the advanced algorithm optimize your formulation.

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BASF operates manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Our products are manufactured in compliance with GMP guidelines, are tested according to standard monographs and pharmacopeias, delivered in superior packaging, and supported by global and regional quality and regulatory experts.


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BASF offers 24/7 access to regulatory and quality documents online. Start downloading with RegExcellence.

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Contact one of our regional experts to get the formulation help you need. Whatever challenge you face, BASF is your partner to develop the most effective drug products!

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