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Fill Me In: Softgels and their Evolution

Softgels (soft gelatin capsules) have been used heavily within the pharmaceutical industry for decades and provide many benefits as an oral dosage form. Since their introduction to the market in the 19th century, softgels have expanded in both their capabilities and their adoption, with contributing recent advancements in quality control understanding, shell alternatives, and innovative approaches to drug loading. With the ability to precisely control dissolution behavior, and the simultaneous release of the fill formulation along with the active, softgels are an especially attractive choice for pharmaceutical manufacturers who are looking for oral dosage forms that allow higher drug loadings while maintaining efficacy and stability.

In this episode of “10 Billion Reasons”, BASF Global Technical Marketing Manager for Solubilization, Lindsay Johnson, explains the value of softgel capsules.


Lindsay johnson

Lindsay Johnson
Pharma Solutions Global Technical Marketing Manager

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