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Povidones, Crospovidones, And Copovidones

BASF’s commitment to PVP spans a full portfolio of povidones and related products, seven decades and three continents.

From large volume povidones to innovative copovidones, crospovidones and polyvinylpyrrolidone, BASF is a leader in PVP manufacturing, packaging, and supply.


Kollidon® 30 - Origin Germany 25KG
This medium-molecular povidone is used in various pharmaceutical formulations
Kollidon® 25 - 25KG
Our medium-molecular povidone is used in various pharmaceutical formulations
Kollidon® 17 PF
Endotoxin controlled, low molecular weight PVP-based solubilizer for various pharmaceutical applications
Kollidon® 12 PF
Low molecular weight povidone that serves as pore formers in sustained release solid oral dose applications
Kollidon® 90 F
The strongest wet granulation binder on the market
Kollidon® 30 LP
Our original, Kollidon® 30 in a low peroxide grade – protecting your oxygen-sensitive active ingredient longer.


Kollidon® VA 64
A copovidone used as dry binder in tablets and as matrix formers for amorphous solid dispersions
Kollidon® VA 64 Fine
Highly effective dry binder for direct compression and a soluble binder for granulation


Kollidon® CL
Super disintegrant and dissolution enhancer that ensures active ingredients are released at exceptionally high speeds
Kollidon® CL-SF
The finest grade of water insoluble crospovidone disintegrant available in the market for small and orally disintegrating tablets.
Kollidon® CL-M
Micronized grade that serves as a disintegrant and stabilizer for oral and topical suspensions
Kollidon® CL-F
Super disintegrant suitable for small tablet formulation and wet granulation while also improving tablet hardness

PeroXeal packaging

An innovative PeroXeal packaging concept with heat-seal and inert filling conditions for minimizing peroxides and ensuring the most stable product.

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Co-Processed Excipients

Co-processed excipients provide ready-to-use solutions that lower storage and analytical costs and accelerate product development, saving you time and money. 

BASF’s all-in-one solutions enable quick and easy tablet formulation and are suitable for continuous manufacturing environments.

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BASF produces coatings for a range of pharmaceutical applications. 

Our moisture protection coatings keep even the most sensitive APIs secure from environmental factors. BASF also provides effective taste-masking for ODTs.

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Kollicoat® IR
The true multitalent for various pharmaceutical applications
Kollicoat® SR 30 D
The coating polymer for pH-independent sustained release formulations
Kollicoat® Protect
Effective and reliable moisture protection for your API
Kollicoat® MAE 100 P
Reliable, high-performance enteric film coating material
Kollicoat® MAE 30 DP
Ready to use enteric coating polymer for aqueous coating
Kollicoat® Smartseal 30 D
The first water-based polymer dispersion for taste-masking and moisture barrier applications


Our portfolio includes lubricants for sensitive APIs in both hydrophilic or lipophilic formulations.

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Kolliphor® P 188 Bio
High purity poloxamer designed to reduce shear stress during biologics manufacturing
Kolliphor® P 188 Geismar
A flexible poloxamer that helps overcome a variety of pharmaceutical challenges
Kolliphor® P 188 micro Geismar
A water-soluble excipient supporting a variety of orals applications
Kolliphor® SLS Fine
A fast dissolving and widely used anionic surfactant for various pharmaceutical products
Kolliphor® P 407 Geismar
A polymeric multitalent non-ionic polymer suitable for various pharmaceutical applications
Kolliphor® P 407 micro Geismar
Kolliphor® P 407 mico offers effective content uniformity, solubilization and increase oral bioavailability of bioactive