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Streamline the tableting process with a co-processed excipient

Co-processed excipients contain the most relevant ingredients in a single material aiming to simplify tablet manufacturing. They provide processing advantages over traditional excipients, reduce formulation complexity, and streamline the dispensing, weighing, blending, and tableting steps. These ingredients also offer cost savings by improving manufacturing performance, R&D and QC tests, and expediting time-to-market. Additionally, co-processed materials are commercially available from reliable companies such as BASF.

In this episode of “10 Billion Reasons”, our hosts, Joao Assis and Ashish Joshi discuss the benefits of using co-processed excipients and the significant advantages they can provide to the pharmaceutical industry.


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Joao Marcos Assis
Pharma Solutions Global Technical Marketing Manager Orals Platform

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Ashish Ashok Joshi
Pharma Solutions North America Technical Sales Representative

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