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For over 25 years, BASF has been manufacturing ibuprofen at its FDA-audited, cGMP-certified site in Bishop, Texas offering a portfolio that delivers unparalleled quality, safety and security of supply.

We offer a wide portfolio consisting of four powder grades, a direct compressible grade, and two fast acting grades.

BASF Ibuprofen Production Facility

In this video, get a behind-the-scenes look at BASF’s ibuprofen production process and the dedicated team ensuring that customers can count on consistency in every batch and a reliable supply.

Unlike the facilities of other ibuprofen suppliers, Bishop has a completely closed system requiring very little human intervention. While other ibuprofen manufacturers’ processes require six or seven steps, BASF’s process is completed in only four. The automated production process is completely controlled at the plant, ensuring consistency in every batch.

The facility, which uses a unique and sustainable process to produce ibuprofen for customers worldwide, has undergone a series of major upgrades, with substantial improvements to both process and equipment. Recent triple-digit million-dollar investments to the site include new analytical instrumentation in the quality laboratory, upgrades to process equipment, and digitalization tools.

Virtual audits

Audit the Bishop ibuprofen facility without leaving your desk with our virtual audit service.

BASF Pharma Solutions now offers a virtual audit service that allows authorized customers to conduct an audit of the Bishop site using state-of-the-art technology to create an immersive, 360 degree experience. A signed NDA is required to access the tool. See the graphic for more details.

Ready to get started? Contact your BASF Pharma Solutions Account Manager for more information.

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Leader In Sustainable Ibuprofen Production

BASF’s ibuprofen production process is an innovative, efficient technology that has revolutionized bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

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A portfolio to meet all your needs

We offer a wide portfolio consisting of four powder grades, a direct compressible grade, and two fast-acting grades. As an experienced and collaborative partner, we offer world-class regulatory, quality, and technical service support with a global and regional presence.

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Innovation With Ibuprofen DC 85 – For Direct Compression

Today, BASF produces several ibuprofen grades including the API for the process-accelerating Ibuprofen DC 85 product, which has been specifically designed for direct compression into tablets. 

With Ibuprofen DC 85, BASF solved two of the most common industry challenges in direct compression of ibuprofen: persistent sticking to the machinery and the need for high concentration of drug substances. The result is a reliable, fault-free tableting production with higher output rates. Furthermore, expensive wet granulation and compaction processing steps are not needed, which reduces your production costs.

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Ibuprofen 25
Fine grade Ibuprofen
Ibuprofen 38
Powder grade ibuprofen with controlled particle size
Ibuprofen 50
Powder grade ibuprofen with controlled particle size
Ibuprofen 70
Powder grade ibuprofen with controlled particle size
Ibuprofen DC 85 W
Direct compressible grade with 85% Ibuprofen
Fast acting form
Ibuprofen Sodium Dihydrate
Fast acting form
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