Parenterals Products

Kolliphor® HS 15
Nonionic solubilizer and emulsifier (surfactant; HLB = 15) Macrogol 15 Hydroxystearate (Ph.Eur.) and Polyoxyl 15 Hydroxystearate (USP/NF) / Polyethoxylated 12-hydroxystearic acid
Kolliphor® ELP
Nonionic solubilizer and emulsifier (surfactant; HLB = 12-14) Macrogolglycerol ricinoleate (Ph.Eur.) and Polyoxyl-35-castor oil (USP/NF) / Polyethoxylated castor oil
Kollidon® 12 PF
Solubilizer by complexation Povidone (Ph.Eur., USP/NF and JP/JPE) / Synthetic polymer
Kollidon® 17 PF
Solubilizer by complexation Povidone (Ph.Eur., USP/NF and JP/JPE) / Synthetic polymer
Kolliphor® P 188 Bio
Non-ionic surfactant and stabilizer

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