Biologic drugs such as monoclonal antibodies, therapeutics proteins, peptides, vaccines and others require excipients in their final formulations to ensure stable, safe, and effective drugs can be delivered to patients. 

Surfactants are a category of excipients that stabilize the active ingredient in a biologic formulation and protect against environmental stresses. The increasingly diverse and complex biologic drug modalities that are being developed challenge formulators to make safe and stable drug formulations. BASF is a leader in surfactant chemistry and we provide a surfactant toolbox to enable formulators to develop the optimal formulations for their biologic drugs to ensure the highest level of performance and safety for patients.

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A Toolbox Of Surfactants For Biologic Drug Formulations

Our toolbox of surfactants for biologic drug formulations includes Kolliphor® P188 Bio, Kolliphor® HS 15, and Kolliphor® ELP. Kolliphor® P188 Bio is the #1 surfactant that is used as an alternative to polysorbate 20 and 80 in biologic drug formulations, having a long history of safe and effective use in biologic drug formulations. Kolliphor® HS 15 and Kolliphor® ELP are surfactants with a long history of safe and effective use in pharmaceutical formulations including approved and marketed parenteral drugs.

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Solving Formulation Challenges

BASF Biopharma Ingredients is focusing our decades of experience with surfactant chemistries to solve the biggest challenges in biologic drug formulations. Interested in a toolbox of surfactants with a history of safe prior use in approved and marketed drugs, toxicology data, and the potential to enable new patent protection for biologic drug formulations? Learn more about Kolliohor® P188 Bio, Kolliphor® HS 15 and Kolliphor® ELP and request a free sample to try in your formulations.

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