Spray drying and fluid bed coating are established technologies in the pharmaceutical industry to create amorphous, soluble forms of active ingredients.

These technologies are used for the production of solid dispersions to overcome solubility challenges of drug candidates. These techniques are especially suited for thermally labile, and also relevant to inhalable particles. Rapidly spraying a solution of dissolved polymer and active ingredient traps the active in its amorphous form within the polymer carrier, whether as a free powder, as from spray drying, or coated onto existing microspheres or granules, as from fluid bed coating. Key for a successful spray process is the use of the right functional polymer to ensure a stable solid dispersion that is dissolved in the spray solvent.

BASF offers a wide range of functional polymers to choose from that are soluble at high loadings for maximized efficiency

Hot Melt Extrusion With BASF Pharma Polymers

Our 2nd Edition HME compendia now includes information on solubilities and spray drying!

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Quality-By-Design (QBD)

Spray drying and drug layering enable robust formulation and product development driven by the principles of Quality-by-Design (QbD). Critical Quality Attributes of the spray dried intermediate and the final tablets or granules can be optimized through controlled variables like loading, solvent selection, inlet temperature, and atomization pressure.

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Selecting the right solubilization product and technology for a poorly soluble API often involves a lot of trial and error. By partnering with our experts, you can tap into their extensive solubilization expertise and experience with all key technologies. Our experts have combined decades of experience in formulating challenging APIs, which puts them in an excellent position to help customers tackle their solubilization and bioavailability challenges rapidly and efficiently.


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