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BASF offers the world's largest portfolio of chemical raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring the needs of our partners are always met. Every step of biopharmaceutical manufacturing requires high-quality raw materials delivered through a transparent, sustainable supply chain. BASF Biopharma Ingredients is committed to meeting your requirements for every ingredient we supply to the biologics industry. At BASF, we create excipients that are safe, effective, and convenient for your customers. Whether you’re developing orally disintegrating formulations that require taste-masking or modified release tablets, BASF has ingredients to deliver the precision you need, every time. At BASF, we offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solubilization polymers, and have an unparalleled understanding of the corresponding process technologies. BASF offers an unparalleled portfolio of excipients for topical formulations, enabling you with the tools to overcome formulation challenges. With products based on over 150 years of industry experience, BASF is committed to maintaining the highest level of quality across the product spectrum. BASF offers a broad portfolio of chemistries designed to simplify the product development process. Coating polymers are suitable for a variety of oral formulation challenges. As multifunctional excipients, ethoxylated solubilizers are known for their utility across a large range of dosage form classes. BASF's pharma grade lipid-based excipients are manufactured in GMP-compliant facilities with high quality and reliability in mind. BASF's portfolio of poloxamers are renown for their best-in-class quality. Consisting of a broad portfolio of polyethylene glycols (PEGs), BASF's portfolio of ethoxylated polymer-solubilizers is known for its versatility across a myriad of dosage forms. BASF offers a broad portfolio of functional excipients including our pharmaceutical grade polysorbate and sorbitan esters. Povidones, copovidones, and crospovidones are versatile materials that serve as the foundation of oral solid dosage forms. BASF's portfolio of solvents and co-solvents are suitable for a wide range of applications and processing methodologies. BASF offers a broad portfolio of brand families that are suitable for oral, topical, parenteral, and biologic applications. Coprocessed excipients are combination, all-in-one solutions. Kollicoat® coating polymers are suitable for a variety of oral formulation challenges. Kollicream® pharma grade solvents and emollients are manufactured in GMP-compliant facilities with high quality and reliability in mind. Kollidon® povidones, copovidones, and crospovidones are versatile materials that are most commonly used for solid oral dosage forms. Kolliphor® solubilizers, emulsifiers, co-emulsifiers, and surfactants enable the development of safe and effective formulations. Kollisolv® solubilizers and solvents are suitable for a wide range of applications and processing methodologies. Kolliwax® structuring agents, moisture barriers, and lubricants enable the formulation of various dosage forms. Novata® hard fats are structuring agents and matrix builders. Soluplus® is a novel solubilizer, crystallization inhibitor, and a matrix forming polymer. Explore this collection of resources to learn more about our innovative research and pharma solutions.
  • VPA Premium Services offers users the option to purchase access to new exclusive features within the VPAs
  • “Corporate Premium”, the first premium service introduced, allows drug formulators to confidentially share and collaborate on projects under a single Corporate Account, and unlocks access to premium content, scientific support and training
  • Additional premium services in RegXcellence® will include access to BASF’s Product Carbon Footprint data and direct downloads of audit reports

Florham Park, New Jersey, October 23, 2023 – BASF Pharma Solutions expands its Virtual Pharma Assistants (VPA) platform by launching “VPA Premium Services”, a selection of new service options developed to meet customer demands for expanded access and content within the platforms.

The Virtual Pharma Assistants (VPAs) were originally developed by BASF Pharma Solutions as a way for customers to accelerate formulation design by predicting the most effective excipients given the properties of an active pharmaceutical ingredient, and to easily access quality and regulatory documents for BASF products. These self-services are free of charge and currently widely used and highly valued by our customers.

The first VPA Premium Service available in ZoomLabTM, “Corporate Premium”, allows formulators within the same organization to be grouped under one “Corporate Account” where they can confidentially share and collaborate on projects. In addition, “Corporate Premium” unlocks access to further premium content, scientific support, and exclusive training materials.

Future VPA Premium Services launched within RegXcellence® will allow users immediate access to BASF’s Product Carbon Footprint data and the ability to directly download audit reports.

“The Virtual Pharma Assistants are key in providing digital services for our customers. With the addition of premium services to our portfolio, we are meeting the growing demands of our customers for specific service requests. Premium features will grant them instant access to key insights and collaboration platforms they need for their work in a quick and efficient manner via our digital service platform,” states Marion Kuhn, Vice President, Global Business Management, Pharma Solutions. 

“Corporate Premium” is our solution for customers who want their Formulators & Scientists to collaboratively work on drug formulation projects with ZoomLabTM. They will benefit from advanced data privacy and project administration features tailored to their needs. Also, direct access to BASF formulation experts will allow them to get to solutions faster,” states Rainer Dobrawa, Global Head of Marketing, Pharma Solutions.

To learn more about ZoomLabTM Corporate Premium, visit our new webpage

About BASF

At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. More than 111,000 employees in the BASF Group contribute to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our portfolio comprises six segments: Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care and Agricultural Solutions. BASF generated sales of €87.3 billion in 2022. BASF shares are traded on the stock exchange in Frankfurt (BAS) and as American Depositary Receipts (BASFY) in the United States. Further information at

About BASF’s Nutrition & Health division

BASF Nutrition & Health provides a comprehensive product and service range for human and animal nutrition, pharmaceutical, and flavor & fragrance industries. With our science-driven portfolio, we address customers in globally growing markets to meet the demands of an expanding world population. Together with our customers, we play an active role in enhancing the nutrition, health and wellbeing of consumers all over the world. Our products fulfill the highest safety, regulatory and sustainability standards. BASF Nutrition & Health operates sites in Europe, North America and in Asia-Pacific. For more information, go to

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