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BASF offers the world's largest portfolio of chemical raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring the needs of our partners are always met. Every step of biopharmaceutical manufacturing requires high-quality raw materials delivered through a transparent, sustainable supply chain. BASF Biopharma Ingredients is committed to meeting your requirements for every ingredient we supply to the biologics industry. At BASF, we create excipients that are safe, effective, and convenient for your customers. Whether you’re developing orally disintegrating formulations that require taste-masking or modified release tablets, BASF has ingredients to deliver the precision you need, every time. At BASF, we offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solubilization polymers, and have an unparalleled understanding of the corresponding process technologies. BASF offers an unparalleled portfolio of excipients for topical formulations, enabling you with the tools to overcome formulation challenges. With products based on over 150 years of industry experience, BASF is committed to maintaining the highest level of quality across the product spectrum.
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A behind-the-scenes tour of BASF’s ibuprofen plant in Bishop, Texas

Ibuprofen from the world leader

BASF’s ibuprofen production process is an innovative, sustainable, efficient technology that has revolutionized bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Unlike the facilities of other ibuprofen suppliers, Bishop has a completely closed system requiring very little human intervention. While other ibuprofen manufacturers’ processes require six or seven steps, BASF’s process is completed in only four. The automated production process is completely controlled at the plant, ensuring consistency in every batch.

In this video, get a behind-the-scenes look at BASF’s ibuprofen production process and the dedicated team ensuring that customers can count on consistency in every batch and a reliable supply.

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