Kollitab™ DC 87 L

BASF’s premium coprocessed excipient is optimized for your direct compression processes.

Our scientists carefully designed this best-in-class product to maximize flowability and tablet strength, with a formulation that has high stability and low sensitivity to overblending. Its round particle shape ensures excellent flowability from feeder hoppers and during tableting, for high process robustness and low tablet weight variability.

Kollitab™ DC 87 L can produce strong tablets across a broad range of compression forces, reducing both stress and punch damage on the tablet press, for better machine durability and less tablet defects.

This product ensures fast tablet disintegration to quickly deliver the intended benefits of your API. This is especially valuable for high-strength tablets that tend to take longer to disintegrate.

Superior Flowability

For high process consistency.

High Tablet Strength

At broad compression forces to minimize tablet defects.

Fast Disintegration

For unhindered drug dissolution.

Customer Spotlight on IMA Active!

As a pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer, IMA Active found Kollitab™ DC 87 L to be a convenient all-in-one solution to demonstrate the reliability of their tablet presses; it helped them to consistently produce high quality tablets, without needing to source their excipients separately.

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“In our daily working life at IMA Active, tablet presses need to be tested for different purposes, including to demonstrate to customers the perfect performance of the equipment. Thus, it is mandatory for IMA to have an all-in-one blend that is stable and reliable. Since the beginning, the cooperation with BASF fulfilled this need, even though our requirements for powder processability and low dust are quite strict. Under stressful conditions, with different punches and at full nominal speed, the machine always achieved excellent results, with low weight variations, stable thickness, and enhanced tablet strength. Kollitab™ DC 87 L did not require any process optimization to speed up the tablet press. We also tested the machine for hours, always with reliable and good results for the tensile strength and tablet weight. Kollitab™ DC 87 L confirmed and showed how reliable and flexible our machines are, and how easily one can use them without any need for process optimization.”

Headshot of Federica Giatti
Federica Giatti Process Development R&D Laboratory IMA S.p.A – IMA Active

What are coprocessed excipients?

Coprocessed excipients combine ingredients of different functions into a single product with optimized performance, distinct from a blend of individual excipients. The main objective when developing a coprocessed excipient is to enhance its material properties to overcome API processability challenges while ensuring excellent drug product performance. These improved excipient properties result in cost savings, faster drug development, and reduced time-to-market.

BASF carefully developed a formulation combining filler, binder, disintegrant, and lubricant, then spray-dried it to produce the all-in-one Kollitab™ DC 87 L; this generates one consistent material with unique properties when compared to a simple excipients blend. Kollitab™ DC 87 L was designed to provide better flowability, higher compressibility, and faster tablet disintegration than a mix of the same individual materials that make it up, though the chemical properties of the ingredients do not change.

Traditionally, a formulator separately sources, tests, and blends multiple excipients with the functionalities they require; therefore, coprocessed excipients can reduce weighing and dispensing steps, enabling a quicker process with fewer associated costs. These accelerate development, simplify formulation processes, and reduce manufacturing complexity, without compromising technical performance or product quality.

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