Simplify your drug development process

"When both materials were blended at 2 % drug load, the addition of Kollitab™ DC 87 L improved vardenafil flowability, reducing cohesiveness to improve drug compressibility and processability via direct compression."

While direct compression is the preferred tableting process due to its elimination of additional processing steps, APIs such as vardenafil HCL pose unique challenges resulting from its wide particle size distribution and irregular shape which negatively impacts drug processability and compressibility. 

To fulfill flowability, compressibility, disintegration, and lubrication requirements, all-in-one coprocessed excipients are the ideal solutions. 

When vardenafil HCl is formulated with Kollitab™ DC 87 L, direct compression (DC) of tablets with high DC process consistency and reduced tablet variability is achievable. 

Download our case study to learn:

  • Formulation challenges that cohesive APIs pose to direct compression processes and why coprocessed excipients are an ideal solution. 
  • How flow function, compressibility, and cohesion data for Kollitab™ DC 87 L, vardenafil HCl, and a 98%  Kollitab™ DC 87 L + 2% vardenafil HCl drug blend compare.
  • Kollitab™ DC 87 L's positive effect on tablet strength and disintegration time, plus how this benefits the manufacturing and drug development process.